Barbecue Meat Marinade – The Key To Make Your Recipe Tasty

How to marinade meat? Many a times, I have come across this very short but rather an important question from housewives vying for occasional barbeques to stun their and would be. Many a times, I have heard people cribbing over the meat that has turned sour just when they were start their venture. I have always pondered over the fact that why can’t people make out the real reasons behind all these? Frankly speaking, there is no rocket science behind all keeping the meat fresh. It’s the art of marinating meat that plays the trick and makes the difference. Meat Marinade is an art and one who can master it will be able to maintain the freshness of the meat. I will share the secrets of Meat Marinade with you in certain steps:


First of all, you will have to cut the meat to pieces as per your requirement. This is particularly important if you are preparing the meat for grilling in a barbeque party.


Prepare the marinade according to the recipe and mix it properly with the meat. How you will mix it with the meat will depend upon the type of recipe you are preparing.


While preparing the marinade, you will have to consider whether it contains three of the most important elements – Acid (wine, vinegar, lemon juice etc.) salt and alcohol. Presence of all these components will reduce the time of marinating the meat will need.


Now, you will have to mix the meat with the marinade properly in a container which will not chemically react with the stuff and contaminate it. This is highly important as in order to prepare barbequing recipes you need to marinade stuffs, especially different types of meat, well in advance. So, you will have to pay attention that the meat marinade does not become contaminated. It’s preferable not to use any metal utensil to marinade meat.


It is better to marinade the meat in sealable plastic bag as you will be able to turn the bag upside down or sideways quite easily. This will help the meat to get marinated uniformly.


Now that you have marinated the meat in a properly way, put seal the plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. Do not keep the marinated stuff open to heat and light. It will get contaminated. Strictly adhere to the time needed to marinade that particular recipe you are preparing.


When it’s time to take the stuff out of the fridge, take utmost care of it while handling and be sure to discard the marinade after the use.

These are some very important steps you will have to take in order to be an extern in the art of meat marinade and preparing mouth watering recipes of meat.

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