About Me

Dear Readers,

I am a baby boomer from a large family in Appalachia. Shortly after I was born, my oldest sister had a daughter, and my chore in life became to “play with” my niece whenever my sister visited. I never learned how to cook, clean, or any of the basic housekeeping duties because I was too busy “playing” with my niece. As an adult, I was always envious of my two older sisters who kept immaculate houses and knew how to cook a dinner in no time flat since I didn’t get that education.

However, at some point, I discovered I enjoyed cooking immensely, and that I could cook! The best validation I have ever had was when my niece, with whom I had played, spent the night with me along with her husband, and I made them a great breakfast the next morning of bacon, eggs, biscuits, and gravy, and she complimented me! She said our favorite local restaurant didn’t have a thing on me! She didn’t know that I could cook! That was such a validation.

Although I am not a vegetarian, I quit eating beef decades ago and pork approximately 15 years ago. It was not a conscious decision.   I never really liked the taste of beef, and I certainly would never eat anything with blood oozing out…ugh.  Maybe that was why I never liked beef because it had to be killed again when it was cooked for me to eat (as in to cooking it to death).  Or maybe it was because I grew up on a farm and we sent the cattle to slaughter.  I don’t know.  I just know that I never really liked it.

About 15 years ago, the taste of pork started to be unappealing to me. Again, it was not a conscious decision. I just started disliking the taste. If I liked the taste of beef and pork, I would be eating them till this day. However, I still eat chicken and fish, and I cook pork and beef for my husband and visitors.  I would never pass judgement what anyone likes to eat, and I hope no one passes judgement on me.  We all have our quirks, don’t we!  For example, I love pinto beans, but I have friends who wouldn’t touch a pinto bean with a ten foot pole!

Since I am no longer so busy at work, I have more time to cook and have discovered that I love to cook…and I love to eat my cooking! My favorite go-to pan has always been a cast iron skillet, but I am constantly changing my techniques, my utensils, and the way that I cook. I want to share with you some of my favorite recipes, and I hope that you will try them and critique them.

I hope you will follow my blog and enjoy my recipes and my suggestions.  I welcome your opinions. Hope you enjoy my cooking blog!