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Michelle Lara / July 18, 2015

Feeling Fit and Fabulous And Inspired To Hit The Gym


OK ladies who actually ENJOYS going to the gym?! I don’t, I seriously loathe the gym. I’m more of a yoga girl, although the spin class craze has me curious. I’ve always been naturally thin, I actually felt TOO thin growing up and was real self conscious about it.  

I prayed for extra weight especially in my derriere. I’m a Latina and while most of America is obsessed with being skinny I grew up in a family where curves were the norm. All the girls at school had curvy bodies with booties to spare and I desperately wanted that {all of that!}.

Everyone told me it’ll happen and after having Sienna I grew into my curves and love it, BUT {ha see what I did there} I’m not in shape at all and it’s catching up to me as I blow out more birthday candles.

The truth is most woman have hang-ups about their body. I hate all the images that are pushed out  to us woman and  young girls. It’s not healthy or realistic. The idea that you have to be fit to even step into the gym adds so much more pressure. 

Do we really need to see another celeb on the cover of a magazine talking about how they “bounced back” just weeks after having their baby? If you can do it more power to you but I love when celebs are raw and honest like Drew Barrymore putting it all out there on how shedding the pounds isn’t her first priority.

Drew’s quote is golden …  “I was like, ‘Don’t talk to me about how fast and fabulous you are or it came off. That was not my experience. I’m having to work my ass off until I even think about getting it off.”

Earlier this week I saw this video on my Facebook timeline and I felt so inspired while watching it. First off, who doesn’t love Missy Elliot?! I seriously got a workout just from replaying it and dancing!

My goal isn’t to be a certain size or weight – it’s to be stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. While being fit is awesome – I don’t think it means being a size 2 especially if that isn’t natural for you.  A healthy strong, and confident woman comes in all shapes, sizes and ages and we need to embrace that more. 

The woman in this video are having fun – they’re fit, healthy and happy and it shows! I love that their staying in shape by doing different things and being athletic.  Seriously I want to go kick a soccer ball after watching this!

 I hope ads like this become more mainstream I think our daughters could benefit from images like this instead of what they’re being brainwashed with now.

I’m so ready to sweat like a pig and feel like a fox!



  • Yes to all of this! I hate the gym with a passion! But I love yoga and I too have been curious about the cycling thing. Haven’t tried it…but I’ll get there.
    The body positivity movement is making great strides lately. I hope for my 15 year old daughter’s sake, it only gets bigger!
    PS. Missy Elliot is the Woman!!

    • Michelle Lara

      Hey Nicole, yes I love the Dove ads too we’re getting there {slowly but surely lol}.