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Stay In Your Lane: Stop Playing The Comparison Game

Michelle Lara / May 28, 2015

Stay In Your Lane: Stop Playing The Comparison Game


Just when you think you have all your stuff together and are feeling good about yourself you come in contact with someone even cooler and more put together.

It’s easy to get caught up playing the comparison game. I think when you do that you send yourself an awful message; “who you are the way you are isn’t good enough” – trust me there is NOTHING cool about that. 

Easier said than done right?! In the world we live in where everything is ‘shared’, you catch glimpses of the lives people live. What they eat for dinner, what they’re wearing where they’re going – how well behaved their children are etc. It’s all a facade none of it is real! 

I often tell Jaiden “stay in your lane” when he’s having an issue in school because he’s too worried about what everyone else is doing or what they’re supposedly getting away with. He’s heard it so much that he’ll start complaining about how someone has this or that and then he stops himself “stay in my lane I know, I know!”.

I find myself having to take my own advice. I get caught up in the comparison game too. There are career goals I have that are taking longer than I had hoped for. Sometimes it feels like it’s easier for others, they get so much further than I do.  Parenting looks like a breeze for them. I see images of perfect date nights with their husband; meanwhile having an uninterrupted conversation with mine is a luxury. 

Comparing your situation or life to someone else’s is doing an injustice to all the hard work and progress you’ve made.  Why do we allow someone else’s success be the way we measure our own?

Stay In Your Lane: Stop The Comparison Game

When I’m in my lane I’m laser focused – I’m able to acknowledge and appreciate the journey. I feel more confident and stronger. If we stay in our lanes we’re able to focus and admire the growth and the great things we’re doing. 

There is nothing wrong with goal setting and being inspired by others – but be honest, when your stalking that person’s Instagram feed are you feeling complete joy? Or does the glimpse into their life make you green with envy?

There is always going to be someone with a life that you perceive as perfect or better {chances are whoever you’re holding up on that pedestal feels that same way towards someone else}. 

Inspiration and admiration can quickly turn into comparisons and then hate. Woman hating on other woman is so cliche and unnecessary. It’s a vicious cycle and the end result is you feeling less about yourself.  Stay in your lane it’s your lane for a reason. 

I hope this encourages you to take a few minutes out of the day and pat yourself on the back for who you are just as you are right now!


Galatians 6:4






  • Great post. Agree that although we try to be “on the path” it’s challenging sometimes not to look to the left or right to compare. This post was very sincere. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Jessica! Thanks for taking the time to read my post that means a lot to me!

  • Tammy

    So true, this is a great reminder! Always trying to remember we need to lift each other up :)