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My Wish For All Moms This Mother's Day And Beyond

Michelle Lara / May 2, 2015

My Wish For All Moms This Mother’s Day And Beyond


I had a Mother’s Day Wishlist post all planned out. The draft included a few sentences about the perfume that I secretly hoped for, but the truth is what I really want for Mother’s Day {and everyday} can’t be wrapped up and tucked away in a pretty decorated box with a bow.

This week I watched along with the rest of the country in disbelief at what is going on in Baltimore. A city being destroyed before our eyes, then the video of  Baltimore mom, Toya Graham was released and you see her pulling her teenage son away from the crowd, screaming and smacking him.

I had the same reaction as most of the country I applauded her.  Whether you agree with her tactic or not, as a mom I could only imagine the desperation, anger and hurt she felt in that moment. It was a realistic look at what it feels like when our children fall short of the expectations we have of them.

The truth is we do the best we can as mothers. We wipe every tear, kiss every cut and scrape, chase away monsters that aren’t there. We try to instill good character, teach them how being honest is the best policy but not always the easiest thing to do.

With Jaiden and Sienna I try my hardest to keep an open dialogue with them. They ask me questions I’m not sure how to answer, like the time Sienna asked me why do some people not have a home or food to eat. There is no simple answer and to attempt to explain this to a four year old is nearly impossible, as mothers we find the answers to the impossible.

So with all these life lessons, advice, discipline and nurturing it’s my firm belief that at a certain age your children go out in the world and it’s up to them to listen or not.  That reality is painful.

The video footage and subsequent interviews with Toya left me praying that the seeds I plant in my children flourish as they become teenagers and adults.

My wish for my children is they have the ability to navigate in this sometimes crazy world with a sense of purpose, humility and compassion. My prayer as a mom is that I find the words they need to hear when they don’t do what’s right {because let’s face it they won’t always will}.

My Wish For All Moms This Mother's Day And Beyond

  • Teresa Gonzalez

    Woooo! Amen and I completely agree Toya and your post. I pray alongside you that we may do our part for our children and that they grow with faith, wisdom, and the discernment to shy away from the fleshly evils that are ever prevalent in this maddening world. I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day this coming Sunday!

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