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Michelle Lara / March 9, 2015

Grilled Cilantro Lime Whole Red Snapper


Grilled Cilantro Lime Whole Red Snapper | Cupcakes, Cocktails And Kids


If the idea of grilling a whole fish intimidates you – trust me once you try it you’ll be happy you did and it’ll be your favorite way of grilling a fish!

The first step is to get the freshest possible fish you can. Will bought this red snapper from our local fish market which we absolutely love! The great thing about buying from a local market is you get the whole story of the fish – when it was caught and from where.

We had our fish monger clean and scale our snapper, which I highly recommend you do as well. If your knife skills aren’t to par {mine definitely aren’t} it’s very easy to destroy your fish when scaling and cleaning it.


Fresh Fish Buying Tips:

Odor – It should smell like the sea, steer clear if it has a strong ‘fishy’ smell.

Eyes – Should be bright and clear.

Scales – They should adhere to the flesh and not appear dry or ruffled looking.

Recipe For Grilled Whole Red Snapper Seasoned With Cilantro Lime

The marinade for this recipe is simple – cilantro, lime, garlic salt + pepper and oil! Make sure you season it well throughout and as well as the cavity of the fish. Adding lime slices and the rest of the seasoning inside of the fish ensures it won’t dry out.

We grilled our Whole Red Snapper on parchment paper if you have a fish basket by all means use it, but next time we’re going to grill ours on a bed of limes similar to how Robyn of grill this Tilefish.

Head to where my recipe is featured. If you have leftovers make sure  you eat them within two days – some fish tacos would be amazing!

What’s your favorite way to grill a fish? Let me know in the comments section I’d love to try your recipe!