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Michelle Lara / February 24, 2015

Living Life With A New Passion By Waking Up And Changing Your World



I had an overwhelming weekend and not in the sense that you would normally think. I wasn’t stressed and boggled down by work or the kids or my endless to-do list – on the contrary I was overwhelmed with love, hope and purpose.

I attended a women’s event at my local church Christ Fellowship: Overwhelmed An Amazing Experience {watch the recap here}  2,000 women in Palm Beach County and many more online attended. I headed to the event with my mom and a new friend I made in a life group. We arrived and  were greeted with smiles, coffee {which is very much needed at 8:30 am on a Saturday}, the cafe area had balloons strung everywhere, tied to each balloon was a message of hope and praise.  It was a great way to start not only the event but my weekend.

Overwhelmed: An Amazing Experience. A day filled with love, hope and purpose - Michelle Lara
Overwhelmed: An Amazing Experience. A day filled with love, hope and purpose – Michelle Lara

It’s the first time I’ve ever been to an event like this and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve attended church regularly since I was a child and have always felt a deep connection with God, but my faith didn’t fully spill into my everyday life.  I can honestly say in my adult life it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I made the choice to not only attend regularly but roll up my sleeves and get involved. This has been a pivotal shift in my life {and the lives of my children and husband,Will}.

I have a sense a clarity and balance that I never had before. Is life still difficult? Absolutely, in some ways I’m challenged now more than ever before – but there is peace in knowing that you are not alone that there is a plan, purpose and a path with Jesus.

I was excited to hear from the key speaker, Lisa Bevere. I heard from friends that she is a powerful and motivating speaker, but purposely avoided Googling her so I could see firsthand what her message was about {I’m sure glad I did!}

Lisa stands at about 5 feet 3 5 feet 6 and is a complete powerhouse. Her message is clear: “Be dangerous and fully awake.” I pondered that for a moment am I dangerous? Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Quote

Living Life With A New Passion

Lisa compares womanhood to that of the lioness who possesses beauty and strength. We as woman are gifted those same qualities, but quite often do not tap into them. I just started reading Lisa’s book Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World and can’t put it down. It’s a call to us woman to fully rise in our faith and help shape the world we live in.


Lisa says “We reflect what we do for each other” and that hit home for me. Imagine if we poured into each others lives like we do for our husbands, children, jobs etc. Do you take care of the woman in your life and in your community? Are you fully invested in the future of the girl down the street that comes from a broken home?

We live in a culture that is so competitive. Each of us are on our own quest for the next big thing, whether it be a promotion, a house a relationship and so forth. You look at your social media feed and you see glimpses of lives – no one is sharing photos of their kids having a tantrum or the heartache you feel when your stricken with an illness or the loss of a family member. We live in a filtered, Photo-shopped culture that is obsessed with what’s on the outside.

I want to be more than just what people see – there is depth and substance to me that my Facebook page wouldn’t show you.  I’m a capable woman on a path seeking virtue.

Pastor Julie Mullins asked a question to us “What is your part in the collective race?” That’s a powerful question and if you trivialize it you can get lost in that for days, months and perhaps years.

My take: start simple stop and look at the needs within your own community and chances are you already have the talents needed to make a difference.

How am I starting? I’m brainstorming ways to help end human trafficking in our country. You can help too by visiting

Get creative, you can plan a fundraising event and donate the proceeds to Hope For Freedom. Make sure you share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #HopeChallenge15.

Collectively we can make a difference and be the lionesses we are destined to be!

Not in Palm Beach County? No worries Christ Fellowship streams live weekly and even has a NYC campus!

Psalm 139:14



I’d love to hear your story! What inspires you and what are you doing to be the best version of yourself each day? Please share in the comments section below.