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Mackenzie Leigh as Connie, Peter Sarsgaard as Hector - Photo Courtesy of NBC 'The Slap'

Michelle Lara / February 13, 2015

NBC’s ‘The Slap’ TV Review


Mackenzie Leigh as Connie, Peter Sarsgaard as Hector - Photo Courtesy of NBC 'The Slap'
Mackenzie Leigh as Connie, Peter Sarsgaard as Hector – Photo Courtesy of NBC ‘The Slap’

Father and husband in the midst of a very cliche midlife crisis, over-bearing mother in-law, people we genuinely dislike and have no desire to associate with, but since they’re family we invite them to every single event – this is the backdrop for NBC’s new mini-series ‘The Slap’.  

Let me start off by saying that I’m a semi-TV junkie, I have very little room in my DVR these days.  For me to get into a new show it has to be worth my while and I saw a preview of ‘The Slap’, and weighed it out and then finally made the choice ‘hit record’. I just finished watching it and the whole time I’m thinking when is it going to happen?! The slap that is,  and finally it did and … well more on that in a bit.

The cast is filled with an extremely talented group of actors which was one of the reasons I decided to watch. The beginning is very cliche – Hector played by Peter Sarsgaard turns 40 and he’s turned down for a promotion, he’s married to Aisha played by Thandie Newton – she’s a doctor and is managing career and home and they make it very obvious that her husband isn’t her first priority these days.

Hector is engaging in a flirtatious relationship with the babysitter, who happens to also work with his wife. The sitter’s eagerness to impress Hector doesn’t come across as genuine. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s so young or is so desperate to be validated by a man or a combination of both.

By this time {10 minutes into the show} I’m already rolling my eyes not only because of where things are headed, but also because there is a narrator pointing out everything that is very obvious to the viewer.

Fast forward a bit and we are at Hector’s birthday barbecue, we meet his mother, Koula played by Maria Tucci who quickly takes over the party Aisha has planned.  The rest of the expected characters show up – hippie mom who still breast feed’s her five year old, her artist husband, casting agent and “ultra cool” family friend {Uma Thurman}, annoying self proclaimed “1 percenter’ cousin, Harry {Zachary Quinto}. There are more characters but for now they aren’t that important.

Dylan Schombing as Hugo, Melissa George as Rosie. Photo Courtesy of NBC 'The Slap'.
Dylan Schombing as Hugo, Melissa George as Rosie. Photo Courtesy of NBC ‘The Slap’.

Hugo the son of hippie mom, Rosie {Melissa George} has done everything in his power to put everyone over the edge. He destroyed his uncle’s precious jazz albums, uprooted some perfectly fine flowers and is swinging a bat around like the mini terror he is. Cousin Harry attempts to set this child straight and is kicked by him and then it happens {finally} the slap. He slaps Hugo and the party suddenly comes to a stop lines are drawn – Mama Koula feels the slap was deserved and for the most part everyone else thinks it’s horrific and Harry is asked to leave.

In my real life I  don’t condone slapping children but I was so utterly annoyed by this child {and all the rest of the characters} that I felt well at least someone is setting him straight.

The whole time I was trying to talk myself into liking it but it felt like manipulated entertainment. The cliche’s are so obvious and the icing on the cake is the narrator who comes in every so often attempting to be poetic and deep. The whole thing just left me asking why? Why have this narrator pop up every so often? It doesn’t even flow with the format of the show.

I’m going to attempt to watch it next week to see if it gets better, but I’m already annoyed by everyone. I’m not sure if the intent is for the viewer to hate every single character but that’s how I felt.

Did you watch it? Share your thoughts in the comments section I’d love to hear if you hated everyone as much as I did lol.



  • Leslie Streeter

    I liked it, but boy did they stack the deck with the stereotypes and the midlife crisis and the overbearing inlaws and all. Exhausting. I hated that kid though.

    • Just read your review Leslie! Curious to see if it it gets better I feel like a real solid family drama is needed on TV and I desperately want to like this show mostly due to the cast being extremely talented I’m hoping it gets better. Side note that kid Hugo is on Bravo’s ‘Girl’s Guide To Divorce’ (which I love) and he’s tantrum filled on there too.

      • Leslie Streeter

        I haven’t seen the Bravo show – it just looked sad to me. I do love the cast.