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Michelle Lara / December 5, 2014

Holiday Wish List: Personalized Wall Art For My Living Room


Holiday Wishlist: Personalized Wall Art

When we moved from New York to South Florida we bought a home within eight months. I had major plans for the house and we’ve tackled quite a few projects. Most of the renovations have been construction – new floors, new bathrooms, new kitchen. Now that construction is pretty much complete I’d love to focus on the fun stuff – decorating!

The first project I want to tackle is a large blank wall in our living room. I’ve stared at the same blank wall for nearly five years and played with the idea of making it a ‘family wall’ with photos of the kids but that idea seems a little boring. don’t get me wrong I can stare at photos of the kids all day, but I want this giant wall to really be a representation of who we are and have an artistic element as well.

I was browsing for ideas because my New Years goal is to really kick-start the decorating room by room. I came across these wonderful foil pressed art pieces from and came up with a beautiful design layout that will go perfect in our living room.

What I love is it tells the story of us – starting with the foil pressed map of NYC, where me and Will’s story began and the water color zodiac constellation representing each one of us {Will // Libra, Me // Sagittarius, Jaiden // Gemini, Sienna // Taurus}. The watercolor design on the zodiac artwork is beautiful. My favorite medium of paint is watercolor and the colors for each of our signs work perfect with the paint color in our house.

The customized foil stamped photo piece is a great way to add a photo of our family while keeping it visually appealing, you can even choose different foil colors for a bit of a contrast!

The map of Florida represents where we now call home and love!

The artwork is available in different sizes and can be framed  – I’m ordering the distressed indigo satin frames!


1. NY Foil Stamped Map // 2. Libra Foil Stamped Art // 3. Sagittarius Foil Stamped Art //             4. Gemini Foil Stamped Art // 5. Taurus Foil Stamped Art // 5. Majestic Foil Pressed Photo Art //   6. Florida Foil Stamped Map