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Michelle Lara / February 11, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Ladies Lunch And Unplanned Fun During Our Visit To A Goat Farm in West Palm Beach



Another wonderful weekend has come to an end. Most of the weekend was unplanned {those always turn out to be the best}.

Friday was quiet since both kids were in school. The weather was great and I headed to a blow dry bar. It’s funny what 30-45 minutes at a salon will do for you. A ton of magazines a really good cup of coffee and a fabulous blow dry will make any girls day.

After that I met up with one of my girlfriends and had a wonderful lunch filled with laughs and mimosas {not a bad way to bring on the weekend}. There are two truths to good friends – they always have great advice and always know exactly what to order.

Now here comes the unplanned part of the weekend,  I headed to a goat farm my great photographer friend Libby {of} told me about.

Goodness Gracious Acres is about 20 minutes from my home and run by Jojo Milano {a city girl who’s turned slightly country}. We’ve never visited a goat farm and were in for a great day.

The kids had a blast running after all the animals, viewing a goat milking demonstration and even collected some chicken eggs around the farm.

We sampled a few fabulous treats made of goats milk and I purchased some vanilla scented goat milk soap that I can’t wait to try.

A few snapshots taken by Libby Volgyes of
A few snapshots taken by Libby Volgyes of