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Michelle Lara / January 8, 2014

Luxe or Must: Ladylike Gloves For Winter


luxe_must_glove_caption Nothing says luxury like a sleek pair of leather gloves. It’s the epitome of winter chic and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to stay warm.

I owned a pair of Coach leather gloves many years ago when I lived in New York and had them for well over five years, the leather just got better with time and at $98 it’s the luxe pick.

If you live in a colder climate area you’ll definitely get great use of them. Check their site for other color options. Coach also has a pair of long gloves that are totally high fashion and drool-worthy {they’re rabbit lined + have a great zipper closure}.

I went to Target the other day and spotted these Merona gloves, and did a double take I couldn’t believe the price {$15 – $22 depending on the size} for genuine leather gloves is practically unheard of!

We had a cold front this week in South Florida and I wish I would have purchased them.

They’re perforated and have a great buckle in the center. Paired with a cropped denim jacket and a lightweight scarf these gloves would be perfect for South Florida “winters”.