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Michelle Lara / July 17, 2013

Peach Mojito Ice Pops


Cool down with these refreshing Peach Mojito Ice Pops – Michelle Lara
Cool down with these refreshing Peach Mojito Ice Pops – Michelle Lara

Why should your kids have all the fun? These all grown-up popsicles are just what the summer ordered.

I gave the popsicles and extra kick by infusing the peaches in rum overnight. It’s an extra step but your  patience will be greatly rewarded – trust me!

First off the pop molds, I use a Zoku Classic Pop Mold I purchased at Sur La Table. At under $15 it’s a steal and I figured I’m helping save the planet one popsicle at a time. If you don’t have molds don’t worry you can use an ice cube tray or wax lined paper cups work nicely too.


Yields: 6 popsicles

2 peaches

5 shots glasses of white rum (I used Barcardi Superior White Rum)

10-12 mint leaves

1 lime

1/2 a cup of simple syrup

1/2 of lemon lime soda or club soda


Slice your peaches and pour the rum over it and store in the fridge overnight  if your in a rush you can let the peaches infuse for less time. Make your simple syrup and add a sprig of mint leaves to it.  Add one slice of peach, one thinly sliced lime and one mint leaf per pop mold. In a blender add the rest of your ingredients and the juice of the remaining lime. Taste your mixture maket sure it tastes good to you this is the time to add more lime or rum etc.  If it’s to your liking then pour the puree into the molds.  Let freeze for a minimum of 10 hours.